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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Here's the LowDown:

ok--Nathan is moving to Chicago! It's really happening. He has a couple of job interviews in the works, and he really feels like something is going to work out. That makes me so happy!

I feel really good about this whole situation. Last Tuesday, we had a talk--we were both honest and clear with our expectations. Now, there isn't so much pressure on me to make some huge, life-changing decision. I told N that I wanted our relationship to be like it was a year and a half ago. That was a time when we both just enjoyed being in each other's company--we were dating and everything seemed natural and easy and fun. That is what I need right now--not this "will we be together forever?" stuff.

I haven't been the best person to be around lately, but he keeps telling me that he loves me and that he understands where my anxst is coming from. He is saying all of the right things. And so far, his actions have completely aligned with his words. That means a great deal to me.

Tonight, he is in the hospital being observed. He was having chest pains 2 nights ago--and they haven't really subsided, so he thought he needed to get it checked out. I haven't been very supportive--I feel like he is overreacting a bit--but that is just the way I handle these worrisome situations. I won't believe that anything is truly wrong until it is proven. They wouldn't let me stay with him tonight--and when I tried to call, they said it was too late for patient phone calls. That really made me mad. I want to talk to my baby and make sure he's alright. Anyway--I should get some rest--I have to get up and go back to the hospital tomorrow.

Nathan--I love you.
until next time,


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I love you baby!!!

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